Our Chaplain

Chaplain, Fr. Jeff Huston

Fr Jeff Huston began serving here in February of 2013.  A Tulsa native, he has been raised and nurtured in this diocese from birth.  He graduated from Virginia Theological Seminary in May of 2005 and returned home where he was ordained a priest in December of 2005.  In 2007 he out-kicked his coverage and married the love of his life, Dr. Elisa Davis, a physician here in Stillwater.  They have three kids who for the most part enjoy serving as unofficial Canterbury mascots: Clayton, Eleanor, and Edward, but he goes by Charlie (it’s a long story).

Jeff loves to cook for the students, impress them with random musical references from his formative years, and slay them with dad jokes.  Most important to him though is moments shared over coffee, celebrating student’s triumphs or supporting them through trials and challenges.  He is humbled by the invitation into our student’s lives, and is grateful for the opportunity to minister with them in their four (wink, wink) years here. 

519 W University Ave | Stillwater, OK 74074
(405) 624-1041