What We're About

What We're About

May 01, 2018

One of the ongoing jokes at the Canterbury Center here in Stillwater is “that’d be good on a shirt.”  We’ve been trying for a while to come up with a design that captures what we are about.  We’re close.  We had a great idea but the more we thought about it, we realized that it was an inside baseball idea, namely, it might make sense to us but probably wouldn’t mean anything to someone on the outside looking in.  We decided to change course.  We started brainstorming a way to describe what we are about so that those who weren’t involved in our ministry would catch a glimpse of who we are and hopefully check us out.

The first thing we came up with was “holy friendships,” and I think it is central to who we are.  It’s no mystery that going off to college is an incredible time of transition.  For many it is the first taste of freedom.  Moving into a dorm room for the first time is a big step.  You are out from beneath your parent’s roof and have a space that is for all intents and purposes your very own, roomate(s) notwithstanding.  As this transition takes shape it is natural to look for a group.  There are countless opportunities.  Many pursue greek life, others hit it off with roomates or neighbors in the dorm, others join groups that foster their own community, be it a lab, band, their major, etc.  Those groups form mainly in light of shared or common experience.  But a church community, at its best, offers more.  It offers holy friendships.  Friendships that are grown and nurtured on the underlying truth that we are all created in God’s image.  Friendships that do not require any airs or false pretense, are not trying to impress or influence.  At the Canterbury Center we adhere to a strict “come as you are” policy.  You are God’s beloved and you are welcome, plain and simple. 

Once we are free to be ourselves we know we have companions to share and explore our faith, without judgement can we tap into what the followers of Jesus have been doing since that first Pentecost.  As Acts 2:42 describes, “They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.”  When we are comfortable with who we are as God’s children, we can be comfortable with those whom God has placed in our lives.  This is holy friendship, and this is what we are trying to cultivate with our campus ministry.  Starting here, we pray together, and for each other.  We share fellowship and regular communion.  We explore our faith together, discerning the intersection of our busy lives and our faith.  We support one another through trials and triumph, loss and celebration, knowing that we are not alone generally and specifically there is a community that welcomes Jesus Christ in you when you walk through the door.  This is our starting point and I am excited to see what comes from here.


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